In today’s competitive world it’s not enough to depend upon the inbound calls for an effective marketing, to expand the horizons of customer reach it is important to look out for different and innovative ways for the purpose of advertisement and promotion campaign.

It is far more costly to get new customers than to maintain the old ones, so basically each and every company is trying to improve their customer services by bringing in new and user-friendly ways to benefit their clients. As a result, they are constantly in touch with their customers through the process of out bound dialing.

Calling out to your customers is one way of telling them about your offerings but not everyone is interested or free to talk to your representative at all times. Sanketik OBD Platform is an efficient & cost-effective solution, which will help you address the issue mentioned above.

There are various features that makes our service stand out, the Sanketik OBD platform is a much equipped one, there is a pre-recorded voice message that answers to all the customers calling in, this pre –recorded message will contain all the relevant messages and information that is enough to interact with the customer, these OBDs can be interactive or non-interactive depending upon the preference of the customer. The interactive OBD will ask the user to press a key depending upon what they hear, when the user press the key their response will be stored against the telephone no. (MISDIN) and that is then captured by our system which can further call an API provided by the user, whereas the non-interactive OBD will just provide you with pre- recorded information about their products and services without any response from the user. To make this process more safe and secure, all these calls are recorded for the MIS purposes. This process is one of the best and one of the most effective ways to improve the relationship with the customers and keep them updated with the latest services with minimal cost and also less manual work. Our OBD is backed by the E-mail for critical cases during odd hours, when a mail is received on the pre-defined email like on the help desk or support services, then this email generates and OBD on the ore defines number on the system and then plays a static prompt about receipt of the E-mail, OBD may be subsequently or round robin basis or as preferred by the customer, this service proves to be write useful for emergency escalation during the odd hours. The OBD have revolutionized the methods of marketing and customer services all around, we at Sanketik just step it up a level and leave our watermark on it.

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