Buyer to Seller

Buyer to Seller Service provides you a Virtual Mobile Number or Unique DID. Herein if a customer calls you then you will receive a call or this call can be mapped to multiple Numbers which ring simultaneously and any one of them can tend to the customer.

This has multifarious benefits like customer interest by securing their privacy and ensuring that their direct numbers are not exposed. It maintains Call data tracking by maintaining the recording files of all the calls. We keep a check on spamming by intelligently blocking/black-listing the repeat callers based on our records and Central management. We regularly update and track the suppliers database and call records through a very user friendly GUI.

Our Buyer to Seller Platform has numerous features tailor-made to boost your business. We provide;
Call forwarding  (Buyer and Supplier)- One to Many (Simultaneous Ringing)

  • Call data tracking
  • Promotional Calls Blacklist from specific series like 140
  • Automatic Temporary Blacklisting and Permanent Blacklisting (Blacklisting and whitelisting management)
  • Users can be created, updated or deleted from  Client end using API’s and bulk upload.
  • Active and Non Active DID Concept
  • Holidays, Office/Non-Office Hours etc. by implementation of customized logics for each scenario
  • Fallback option (If call is not answered on supplier end it would be transferred to a desired fallback number)
  • Features the provision for only International and National Calls or both
  •  Tracking of all the supplier’s details i.e. Users
  • API Integration with Clients CRM
  • Customized Analytics Reports (On Panel or via Email)
  •  Graphical Analytical Reports
  • Call Recording and automatic Upload to Cloud Server
  • Customization of Call Flow as per Clients Business Needs