FireFox Bikes Manage Customers Through MY Office Receptionist. Through IVR Services & Connectivity With Customer Where They can Manage all Call Records and Customer Details. Also done integration part of full tracking of customer order details with sms services. The complete agent-client communication of FireFox Bikes is managed through the Cloud Executive (C2C) service in provided by Sanketik.

Miss call marketing is considered one of the most effective campaigning methods for most of the top brand companies. It is considered as one of the most customer friendly as well as an easy-to-go method for the company that runs the campaign. HOW IT WORKS? The customers goes ahead to give a missed call on the number provided by the company and the company responds to the missed call, this is what a missed call service is all about. It helps the company to make the reply to the customers quick and efficient, and also it eliminates the chances of missing out on any customer. Before we can define what Miss-Call marketing is, let us take a look into what the work marketing is. Marketing is basically the process of reaching out to the customers and telling them about the various services a company provides, this is a simple process that is customer friendly in all manners. Knowing

The complete agent-client communication of Tolexo is managed through the Web based Mini-CRM platform provided by Sanketik. The agents reach out to the client assigned to them by initiating a call through the Web based CRM by selecting the client’s number on the web panel or inputting the client’s number in a text box provided on the panel. The call is two way- one call is placed on Agent’s number and the other on Client’s number. Upon successfully picked, the calls are patched and their recording and call logs are maintained and displayed on an online panel.

Indian lead provider has assigned one number (DID) each to their paid customers (sellers). 1,50,000 DIDs are currently LIVE on this system. Buyers dial the DID published on the website to talk to the client. Call is forwarded to client’s number from a common DID say 080-71XX71XX. This is to inform the client that this is a call from a prospective buyer. Upon successfully picked, the calls are patched and their recording and call logs are maintained and displayed on an online panel.

In today’s competitive world it’s not enough to depend upon the inbound calls for an effective marketing, to expand the horizons of customer reach it is important to look out for different and innovative ways for the purpose of advertisement and promotion campaign. It is far more costly to get new customers than to maintain the old ones, so basically each and every company is trying to improve their customer services by bringing in new and user-friendly ways to benefit their clients. As a result, they are constantly in touch with their customers through the process of out bound dialing. Calling out to your customers is one way of telling them about your offerings but not everyone is interested or free to talk to your representative at all times. Sanketik OBD Platform is an efficient & cost-effective solution, which will help you

Interactive voice response is a technology that allows a human to interact with a computer by using the DTMF tones or dual-tone multi-frequency signals as line of communication between a computer and phone. In the field of telecommunication, the IVR allows the client to talk to a company host’s through a telephone keypad or speech recognition after which the client may proceed with his inquiry about the services he is seeking for, the IVR services are more intelligent than many predictive dialers because they can handle a large calls volume at once. Bringing this technology in our services and making communication easier we developed and launched the IVR portal for order and corporate bookings for BTW on the premium number 011-64646464. HOW DOES IT WORK??? Well, like the basic feature of IVR, when a customer calls, he is answered by a pre- recorded voice that provides him with suitable options and the