Chickchick (Call Center)

  • Call Center applications are an integral part of almost any business – from sophisticated call center down to the smallest of operations.
  • A call center is a complex integration of computers, human operators(agents), telephone and packet network and their equipment.
  • The fully integrated call center application enables the rapid delivery of full-featured hosted call centers, meeting the needs of the most sophisticated enterprise customers and providing new revenue generating services.
  • Call center solutions allow service providers to not only differentiate themselves in a crowded market, but benefit from recurring high margin services.
  • Call Centers can be classified into three types, depending of whether they handle inbound traffic, outbound traffic, or both inbound and outbound traffic, and their scale can vary from a few thousands of agents.

Call Center Platform

Ours is a single box solution which has inbuilt ACD, IVR, Voice Logger, Dialer, CRM and many other features. Solution proposed will include: IVR, ACD Inbound, Manual Outbound Dialing, CRM, MIS Reporting.

  • Call Conferencing
  • Automatic Call Distribution
  • Third Party Verification (TPV)
  • Interactive Voice Response
  • Voice Logger with 100% call recording & MIS report
  • LIVE Call Barge-In
  • Caller List Management with updated NDNC
  • Customizable Disposition
  • Intelligent Re-Scheduler
  • Real Time Reporting
  • Rule based Automated & Manual Backup
  • MIS Reporting with 100+ templates
  • Web based Management Panel

Predictive Dialer

What differentiates common auto dialers in the market with our World-Class Predictive dialer is the predictive algorithm that guides the dialing principle. Most of the dialers touted to be predictive are nothing more an auto dialer with manually managed pacing. The true predictive dialer is adaptive in nature and adapts and controls its behavior based on the past pattern of dialing and Agent’s call handling patterns.

Multiple Dialing Modes

  • Predictive / Preview / Manual / Progressive
  • Rule-based dialing
  • Agent-less (IVR) Dialing or Broadcast Dialing

Advanced Features

  • Dynamic Call Pacing
  • Complete & Selective DNC Management
  • Compliance / Exclusion
  • Multiple Minute Providers Integration
  • Intelligent IP Telephony & VoIP handling
  • Callback Scheduling
  • Facility to move between Manual & Predictive calling
  • Web based Interfaces for configurations

Features Offered

  • Non EPABX based Inbound Call Facility
  • LAN based Agents Connectivity
  • Support for Telephone/Head Phones
  • Music Played to Callers in case of Call Waiting
  • Recording Files of all the Calls through GUI
  • Supervisor feature enabled in the Solution
  • Automatic Call Distribution System
  • Real Time MIS Reports- Agent Wise, Caller Wise

Call Center Features

  • Automatic Call Distributor (ACD)
  • Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Call Accounting Software
  • Call Analytics
  • Both Inbound,outbound call posibilities
  • Predictive,Progressive and Preview dialer
  • Manual call option with Dialer
  • Call Whispering
  • Call Barging
  • Conference feature
  • Call transfer features
  • Agent can map in multiple campaign in a single time
  • Live reporting
  • Capture agent Live activities
  • Multiple type of reports(outbound reports,manual reports,Disposition wise report,agent wise report)
  • Secure Calling method by agent panel
  • Server Monitoring
  • Multiple campaigns run at a time
  • Holidays, Office/Non-Office Hours etc. by implementation of customized logics for each scenario
  • User Creation with specific authority
  • Retry, rechurn feature
  • Campaign wise dynamic disposition
  • campaign wise PRI group define
  • Campaign wise DID selection feature
  • Recording provide for every call
  • Pacing selection feature
  • Campaign pause,resume feature
  • Trunk wise calling
  • Graphical Analytical Reports