Miss-Call Marketing: A simple and effective way to give your campaign a jump start.

Miss call marketing is considered one of the most effective campaigning methods for most of the top brand companies. It is considered as one of the most customer friendly as well as an easy-to-go method for the company that runs the campaign.


The customers goes ahead to give a missed call on the number provided by the company and the company responds to the missed call, this is what a missed call service is all about. It helps the company to make the reply to the customers quick and efficient, and also it eliminates the chances of missing out on any customer.

Before we can define what Miss-Call marketing is, let us take a look into what the work marketing is.

Marketing is basically the process of reaching out to the customers and telling them about the various services a company provides, this is a simple process that is customer friendly in all manners.

Knowing the importance of this miss call campaign we at Sanketik carried out one for “AMAR UJALA” named “DIAL-A-CAREER” missed call campaign that carries various features that made it stand out from the already existing ones.


  • Dual Outbound Calls to Students and Counselors with Call Patching

Call patching is basically a service that is of great help to any business. It basically refers when the call is answered by a Virtual receptionist who then takes up the basic information required and forwards it as per the customer needs.

  • Call Recording

At Sanketik we take care of our user’s privacy as well, so to keep up with the proof and avoid any cases of fraud this method is considered to be of great help, this feature is of great use to companies with a huge user base.

  • Real Time Online MIS

MIS i:e the management information system it makes it easier to keep a collective database of the financial information, it is programmed in such a way that it keeps this database in such a way that it produces regular reports based on the database for smooth operation process.

  • Launched in Agra, Aligarh and Bareilly

The campaign run by Sanketik has already been launched in these three major cities and working smoothly with a satisfied user response.


Boosts the marketing campaign

A customer can get in touch with the business company just through a miss call and this helps the company to boost up their marketing campaign.

Saves Time and Money

A simple and effective way that does not require much of the financial support and is also less time consuming.

Various other benefits including more reach to the customers and a great way for feedback just add up to the effectiveness of this method of campaigning.

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