Use Cases of BTW: IVR Based Order Booking Portal for BTW

Interactive voice response is a technology that allows a human to interact with a computer by using the DTMF tones or dual-tone multi-frequency signals as line of communication between a computer and phone.

In the field of telecommunication, the IVR allows the client to talk to a company host’s through a telephone keypad or speech recognition after which the client may proceed with his inquiry about the services he is seeking for, the IVR services are more intelligent than many predictive dialers because they can handle a large calls volume at once.

Bringing this technology in our services and making communication easier we developed and launched the IVR portal for order and corporate bookings for BTW on the premium number 011-64646464.


Well, like the basic feature of IVR, when a customer calls, he is answered by a pre- recorded voice that provides him with suitable options and the user may choose what he desires by pressing the appropriate key son his cell.

The client is redirected to the next phase depending upon the first choice he made, let’s take a look at the particular case,

#if you want to book a table press 1.

#if you want to place your order press 2.

#if you want to look at the menu press 3.

#if you want to talk to the manager press 4.

Now depending upon the choice, you made as per your requirements you will be directed to a second set of instructions already programmed in the software to answer you accordingly, in case you press 1 you will be shown particular sets like,

  1. Please tell your name
  2. Your phone number.
  3. The number of people you want a table for
  4. Your address
  5. Timings.

So that’s how this particular segment works and makes its quite easy for you to get your delicious meals on the way or book your tables at one go.

Another feature that makes this service reliable is the “call recording” one that guarantees the authenticity and fusing it with the online MIS i:e the management information system it makes it easier to keep a collective database of the financial information, it is programmed in such a way that it keeps this database in such a way that it produces regular reports based on the database for every level of operation in the management sector of the company and making the management process a smooth one.

Basically, the main purpose of this “Real time Online MIS” is to give the manager the details and updates or in other words the feedback about the flow of the business.

So, we put technology to good use and combine these few segments to make the whole process of communication a whole lot easier.

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