Out Bound Dialing (OBD)

Reaching out to your customers in this fast paced world is not an easy task. Companies must keep coming up with innovative ways to satisfy and retain their existing customers. Also, new product launches too have to be communicated to the customers in an effective way.

Calling out to your customers is one way of telling them about your offerings but not everyone is interested or free to talk to your representative at all times.

Sanketik OBD Platform is an efficient & cost-effective solution, which will help you address the issue mentioned above.

Sanketik OBD Platform

Sanketik OBD Platform is a Voice based Out-dial application that can dial numbers from pre-determined lists and plays a pre-recorded message.

Pre-Recorded message would contain relevant information about the product or service that needs to be passed on to the consumer.

OBDs can be Interactive or Non-Interactive as per user’s requirement:

Detailed reports showing call status are also available for MIS purposes.

Interactive OBD shall prompt the user to press a key as response to what they hear. Whenever user presses the key, response shall be stored against the telephone no. (MSISDN) and shall be captured by our system which can further call an API provided by the user.

Non-interactive OBD shall just play the pre-recorded containing the relevant information.

Value Proposition

Sanketik can run various types of OBD campaigns for you and supports both SIP and PRI based Connectivity.

Campaigns may be as under:

  • VAS Promotions
  • Customer education
  • Outbound Telemarketing
  • Sales lead generation
  • Inbound and Outbound Customer Surveys or Polls
  • Payment Reminder
  • Customer Feedback


  • Automates the manual process thereby reducing manual errors
  • Considerable savings in time and cost
  • System capable of calling 30 users simultaneously through a single PRI, thus doing job of 30 callers, alone
  • Consistent message being passed on to customer, thereby enhancing user experience
  • Full Track of the process available at all times through Online GUI
  • Option of hosting the application in-house or on Sanketik’s infrastructure


  • Interactive OBD IVR creation for Invalid response, No response and After response through panel
  • “text to voice” conversion freedom
  • Valid/Invalid Input key definition
  • Response time and Input Retry Attempts definition
  • Maintain Sound Library on the panel accessible from anywhere
  • Maintain Contact Groups on the panel accessible from anywhere
  • User friendly interface
  • Real Time Detailed Call Logs available with Call Dispositions
  • Advance campaign scheduling feature
  • Advance campaign scheduling featureAdvance campaign scheduling feature
  • Option to Pause or Cancel any Active or Future campaign
  • Admin module for user account creation
  • Call patch also possible
  • Run multiple campaign at a time without disturb another campaign
  • Campaign will automatically start next day if it is not pause or stop by user
  • Retry in campaign
  • Schedule Interactive Campaigns through our panel
  • Maintain Contact Groups on the panel accessible from anywhere
  • Total / Dial out/Answered and Projected cost displayed on running campaign