ChickChick Dialer

Chick Chick manages your customers calls for you. With our inbound and outbound call center solution. we shall make sure you that you never miss on your customers.

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ChickChick Solution

Inbound Call Center

An Inbound call center is where the customer initiates the call. With our panacea you never have to worry about your customer queries and issues.

Outbound Call Center

An Outbound call center is where the Agent initiates the call. Maintain your pro active service quality and feedback with our profocient platform.

ChickChick Features

Real Time Reporting/ Call Center Analytics

Bird eye view for real time reporting & analytics.

Call Routing/ Call Recording

Direct your calls to the right agent hassle free

Multiple Dialing Modes

Predictive / Preview / Manual / Progressive Dialing modes.

Call Conference

Connect with multiple agents simultaneously provide active support

Call Scheduling

Arrange callback and feedback calls

Easy Integration

Integrate our system with any of your beloved CRM

ChickChick Services

Predictive Dialer

Like all other dialing modes predictive dials a list of telephone numbers. It uses Statistical algorithms to save agent time and connect call one after the another. Dialing one number at a time, only when an agent is available, typically keeps agents utilized for 40 minutes per hour (33% idle time). Peictive dialing can increase utilization to 57 minutes per hour (5% idle time).

Progressive Dialer

A progressive dialer is an automated telephone dialing system that only connects agents to calls answered by a live person. In pregressive mode, the dialer runs through your calling lists across multiple campaigns. The system automatically paces dialing based on recent abandonment rates becomes available.

Manual Dialer

Manual Dialer is a basic dialer where the agents dial the contact numbers from the list of the customers manually one after another. It is the traditiopnal dialer with which small to medium call cnter start (their operations). With a manual dialer, agents dial a number either from a pre-loaded list or by typing with a keypad.

Preview Dialer

With a preview dialer at the end of a call your advisors are able to see the next call in the list. It is up to them when to make the call and they may also be able to skip to the next name on the list . This can be ideal for more complex sales where a bit of research is required between calls to increase the chances of success.